Education advisor is separate among the rest as we not only help with admissions but provide support until graduation. Our humble beginnings began in 2001 and now we have expanded to India, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and various other countries. We help student from the former British commonwealth countries (e.g India and Pakistan) and also the rest of the world to bring a low budget affordable education. Our strong relationships with the university mean you can get direct admission to the university of your choice. At every university we have our educational advisor representatives to provide pastoral and welfare care and to support our students.

In addition we provide tailer made courses for each individual medical council examination such as MCI, PMDC and many others also. Our university is registered with all the below listed medical councils:-

  • Indian medical and dental council - IMC
  • Pakistan medical and dental council - PMDC
  • Bangladesh medical and dental council - BMC
  • Maldives's medical and dental council - MMDC
  • General medical council (for UK) - GMC

Special Achievements

Educational advisor has been awarded by the higher education committee of Pakistan. Moreover, it had been awarded by the International school of Medicine and Kyrgyz state medical academy.

Educational advisor provides essential advisory information to the respective universities. This in turn make the university and students strives for excellence. Thus educational advisor is an Integral part of each university.


We are working towards a future when not a single students educational success is limited by their economic background. We believe that a students background should not limit the opportunities they have in education and in life. We’ve started to see change happen, and will continue to work with our university partners to make sure this continues.


Our mission is to encourage, inspire, and enrich as many as possible students. So that they ultimately have a promising futures to succeed in as well as to strengthen the movement for educational excellence. Education Advisor is in collaboration with our university partners in a combined effort to settle and adjust students comfortably in foreign universities. Therefore at each univerisity we have rigorous platform to assimilate the students into the local community. From day one you will undertake foreign languages classes and history classes of that country. This will help you to communicate as well as to understand the local culture and customs. While in your home country we take care of all the visa processes and airline tickets. This ensures that your transition is a smooth and stress free. We hope that you have a pleasant encounter with Educational Advisor.

Dr Imran Nazir

President of Educational Advisor
: +996555328189

As the president of Educational Advisor and on behalf of my company and our supporting staff members, it is with great honour and privilege to welcome to our world renown consultancy. We would be more than happy and delighted to assist students and parents with our vast expertise. Our expert knowledge dates back to our humble beginnings in 2005 with registered offices in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Georgia, UK and US. Thus you can be assured that our company will provide the best route suitable for each individual student. We are more than a company because we pride ourselves with a close knit relationship with our students. This is visible during the full course of each students degree. We provide regular visits and pastoral care to our student. The student have access to our pastoral care 24 hours a day regardless of it being a university matter or not. In other words we provide a second home for our students. As the president of our company I am always available to assist each student. Student can always visit me at any time and It gives me great pleasure to assist them in any way necessary. I also make frequent trips to the university hostel and student accommodation to make sure there is not any kind deficiency in facilitating my students and I try to give them a home like experience. We have guardians in the university and university hostel so each student is not far from help. Student and parents are welcome to get in touch for more information and to gain direct admission. Our company wishes you the best of luck with you future studies and we looking forward to seeing you soon at our prestigious university.

My heartly welcome to all the students and their parents to Educational Advisor. It is a matter of considerable pride to know about your keenness to join a medical university and choosing our consultancy for rendering all the necessary help and services. Our aim at providing students with the best universities abroad and ensuring that their future is full of opportunities and promises.

  • I am here to represent the vision of Educational Advisor which is a joint effort started in 2005.
  • We believe in the idea of transparency and following lawful procedures for Admission where students are given full knowledge about the universities they are enrolled in.
  • Our team focuses on interacting and learning about each student personally as per which we give the best information and guidance based on their interest and capacity. Also, we help edify the benefits of foreign education along with its enormous advantages with a confidence that whoever steps in has all its questions certainly answered.
  • Educational Advisor is a renowed consultancy for the major medical universities around the world.
  • Educational Advisor is a company who is built on the idea of Trust, Confidence & Hardwork.