Mbbs in European University Georgia

We embrace an environment where the modern vision of the future is built on the strong foundations. The Georgia University continues to aspire to the modern and high-tech, both in terms of its educational facilities, and in terms of the training process and the social activities of the students. The European University is characterized by a dynamic learning environment which enables students to develop the necessary skills and attributes required to practice medicine. The curriculum is skilled based but students will be exposed to clinical work and clinical relevance starting from the first year of study.

Mbbs in European University has an integrated system-based curriculum and employs a variety of approaches to its teaching-learning methods. These include lectures, problem-based learning, task-based learning, practical classes, independent learning, clinical skills sessions, virtual learning and clinical training with patient contact at the public and private hospitals in Georgia.

The early exposure of European University students to clinical experiences emphasizes the importance of the basic sciences to its clinical application and serves to stimulate students’ interest in medicine. Also, it allows students to further develop professional communication skills.

In addition the expertise and experience of its highly qualified lecturers has led to our graduate being very much sort after by many academic institutions.

To take an advantage of the active international cooperation and relations of the University. It is included in the European educational exchange programmes for students and maintains long-term partnerships with more than 90 universities and instiutions around the world.

Students life is an unique world, full of hopes and joy, exciting events and fascinating new acquaintances. While doing Mbbs in Abroad Various sport competitions and charity events are being held at the University, and a number of humanitarian missions from the University have been sent abroad.

At the hostel there are many essential services for the students to make their lives more comfortable. We offer delicious home cooked Indian and Pakistani cuisine as well as a continental menu. Moreover Educational advisors has representatives in the hostel and the university itself to cater for your every needs.