IMU is the active member of private universities in the Kyrgyz republic. The International Medical University offers a rich interdisciplinary curriculum, highly qualified doctors and a resourceful library. We have developed a close contact with other leading universities to provide the best possible student experience. The IMU programme educates, trains and prepares students for practice in the healthcare systems of today and the future. Upon graduation, you will be able to apply knowledge, intellectual and practical skills to understand and manage the complex healthcare needs of individuals and society, while developing the resilience to meet the demands of changing healthcare environments. IMU syllabus is usmle and mci based , there are qualified teachers from India and United Kingdom are available to train students for indian , pakistan and U.K. Medical council exam . We use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods but the key IMU approach is the study of themed case discussions in small groups where students are proactive learners. This is supported throughout the course by lectures, practical classes including anatomy dissection and clinical experience. Our course integrates science and clinical learning so you are able to apply scientific knowledge and concepts to your clinical practice. For me Know :

IMU offer the following specialities :

  • General medicine - 5 years
  • Pharmacy - 5 years
  • Postgraduate medical education
  • Dentistry -5 years