The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy is the leader of medical education in the Kyrgyz Republic and most dynamically developing institute of higher education of Central Asia. In KSMA work the 526 teachers, among them 86 professors and doctors of medical sciences, 315 candidates of medical sciences and associate professors. At KSMA studying more than 4000 students – citizens of Kyrgyzstan, CIS countries and 17 foreign countries. Main objectives of KSMA: Satisfaction of needs of the personality in intellectual, cultural and moral development by means of receiving secondary professional, higher, additional and postgraduate professional medical education on the basis of indissoluble unity of educational process, scientific researches and clinical work, carrying out basic and applied scientific researches in the field of medicine and interdisciplinary sciences. The academy prepares doctors for the countries of the foreign and neighboring countries. Training is conducted in Russian and English languages. For me know :

Campus life :

  • Annual “Dedication to students of KSMA”, “Graduation Ceremony”
  • Creative Club: Open League KVN KSMA, Debate Club “We & World”, the project team “Enactus KSMA”
  • Student Festivals and Competitions: “Nooruz”, “Student+TVshow”, “Bishkek’s Spring”, “Yrdayly Kyrgyz yrlaryn”, “Mr. KSMA”, “Miss KSMA”, “Yr-Kese”; “Students’ day”, “Women’s day”, “23th of February”, “Halloween”Charitable contributions
  • Ensemble komuz players “Min-Kiyal”
  • Studio of dance “KSMA”, dance team “Sky Line”
  • Sports: basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, Greco-Roman wrestling, national wrestling “Kurosh”, athletics, football, Toguz korgool, ordo, chess